An Education in Organic Farming

Learn first hand how the science of organic farming comes to life – literally.

Interns at Doodley Dee’s Farm have the unique opportunity to interact with the very essence of life. As an intern, you’ll learn about biology, agriculture, permaculture, aquaponics, equestrian life, and how to raise a variety of farm animals in one place. Plus, you will gain skills in marketing, business management, time management, distribution, and event planning all while working on a family owned farm.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This is no ordinary internship. Outside of work and learning, there are numerous extracurricular activities at Doodley Dee’s Farm: tennis, basketball, private movie theater, workout facility, shooting range, game room (with pool table, video games, shuffle board, air hockey, foosball, and a gentlemen’s card room), and horseback riding. There is no shortage of fun activities outside the excitement of learning.

A Typical Day for an Intern

At 7:30am Monday thru Friday, we gather in the fish room to have a general safety overview and discuss pressing issues that need to be handled for the day. Then we go over a daily checklist of items to be performed. This process usually takes about 30 minutes.

At approximately 8:00am, we perform the daily checklist items in the seedling areas. Depending on the day, this takes between 30 minutes and 5 hours.

Afterwards, we head on over to the greenhouses. There we perform the daily checklist items taking approximately 1-2 hours on days other than harvest, which is once per week. Harvest day usually takes most of the day.

Around 3:30pm the intern is left to their own personal time and enjoyment of the vast leisurely activities on the farm.

During these activities we expect a helpful “can do” attitude with a willingness to provide aid during working hours. At all times we require the following from our interns: respectful behavior, casual work dress that is clean and neat, an eagerness to learn, to treat the property well, the ability to follow specific instructions, to handle both a fast paced and slow paced environment as some days are extremely busy while others are steady yet laid back, and to enjoy yourself.

A typical internship lasts 3 months with some exceptions. In most cases, exceptions can be accommodated unless the timeframe of the internship is less than 6 weeks.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Specialized Seeding
  • Daily monitoring of plants to ensure no insect infestation
  • Harvesting Plants
  • Daily Checklist in the fish room such as feeding, and monitoring of water PH and chemistry
  • Providing organic nutrients for the plants from seeding to harvest
  • Routine maintenance of the Food Forest
  • Keeping harvest schedules for distribution
  • Aiding in the office with Marketing ideas, filing, research, and ensuring the background details of events are properly handled
  • Daily horse maintenance
  • Light general care of farm equipment
  • Retrieving eggs and interaction with the free range poultry
  • Daily maintenance of the five greenhouse aquaponic systems
  • Warehousing, shipping and packaging
  • And a host of other general farm duties


Onsite living at Doodley Dee’s Farm is included with the internship. Lodging, water, and electricity are all covered in the price. Other expenses, including most meals, are the student’s responsibility.

Living offsite is also available at a reduced rate.

Apply for an Internship

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Spaces are limited due to high demand, so sign up now! Thanks for considering Doodley Dee’s Farm as your place to learn.

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