About Us

A Quest for Clean Food

Frustrated as a mother by having little or no choice other than to buy foods sprayed with chemicals or filled with who knows what, the founder of Doodley Dee’s Farm, Denise Bankston, discovered a solution for her children. This quest to provide all natural, clean, wholesome food for our family turned out to be something incredibly beautiful. And, now we are happy to share it with you.

Denise, or Dee Dee, realized that a well run, family farm was the solution. Her five children and seven grandchildren all lovingly participate in chores on the farm, growing clean food not only for our family, but for everyone in East Texas, Northwest Louisiana and beyond to enjoy.

Come visit the farm and you will sense that Dee Dee’s warm heart and fun loving personality is felt in everything we produce. She makes sure every fruit and vegetable is perfect for her family to consume. So, you can be confident when you’re eating and serving our deliciously healthy food, that it’s the highest quality food grown. Only the best is what we raise and sell.

Doodley Dee’s Farm, with Dee Dee at the helm, incorporates every possible energy efficient technique, enabling us to provide our produce at the lowest cost possible. We’re proud to have painstakingly researched, designed and implemented systems that enhance the earth’s rejuvenating powers.

We have a strong family culture here at Doodley Dee’s Farm, continually striving for excellence in clean food. Many have told us they can feel this when they first view the farm filled with creative and efficient aquaponic and permaculture designs...which in turn are filled with lots of colorful, vibrant plants.

Our produce is grown with care in strictly controlled aquaponic systems. Other permaculture (agroforestry) systems are being thoughtfully designed and built to provide even more healthy food choices for you.

We welcome you to follow our progress and hear what we’ve learned as we discover it, by viewing the free educational videos on this site or on our YouTube channel. As you will see, we are not secretive about our operation and what we are learning. And, we readily admit when we took a wrong path, and share what we’ve done to correct it. Our desire is to share openly and honestly with anyone interested in order to further what we feel are the “clean farming methods of the future”.

Dee Dee and all of her family invite you to explore this site…as well as Doodley Dee’s Farm. Please come visit us and/or call with any questions. Enjoy eating our tasty, clean food!