• Kevin Schmidt
  • How A Family Farm Really Thrives

    Family… that’s simply how our farm thrives. 

    Those long hours in the steaming sun and cold days trying to keep warm turn into the best times by working alongside the close family that I love.

    The heart of our family goes into every delicious, clean fruit and veggie we grow.

    It all starts with our energetic, beautiful (inside and out), and deeply loving mother, Dee Dee. This farm was a dream of hers to provide the best food to her kids.

    Now, you get to share in the love we have known our whole lives by touring the farm, supporting our business with your purchases, and creating lasting friendships with us – your extended, local organic farming family.

    There is always something to be done around the farm, and we can count on any member of the family to pitch in.

    From mother running a bulldozer, to her making our first salad grown from our farm, there’s no task too big or small for her or anyone around here. And that shows in the great planning and details that have gone into building Doodley Dee’s Farm for us, and you.

    There’s a wonderful satisfaction that comes from spending time with family and friends. Dedicating time to each other in a fun, caring way is our greatest achievement.

    We hope you come share in it with us.

    It’s the underlying respect and love for each other, I believe, that has made Doodley Dee’s Farm so popular. And it is what makes our food sooooo good.

    As always, we share our knowledge with you… please share yours with us.

    Please share our blog and website with your friends and family.

    Here’s to good eating.

    Farmer Kevin


    PS - For those of you interested in seeing our family in action… Here are some pictures.


    Mom and I cracking up as usual.


    My niece Brittany and I after seeding - it’s never too late in the day for us to get a little muddy in the backfields.


    Every dinner out is a goof off fest.


    My sister and her kids in the outside kitchen before relaxing with a fine cigar.
    (Every man needs a vice)


    My wonderful wife trying to get the baby geese and ducks into the pond for the first time. (It barely worked that day)


    Our yearly tradition of telling one another what we are thankful for, with mother starting.

     Thank you for letting me share some of our fun times at the farm. Please come join us and thanks for supporting us.